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Pink and Brain Digital Agency

Induced Perfomance

To see significant and qualifying changes in audience, we need to induce...

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Induced Performance
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Organic Intelligence & Growth.

These are the two big variables when it comes to competitive advantage

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Courses, Training and Mentoring

There is no gain in muscle mass without daily training and a mentor. We will teach your team the best shortcuts.

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Courses, Training and Mentoring


We started doing something different in the digital market after working for years in 360º advertising agencies, those that do a little bit of everything in Digital Marketing. Customers end up becoming a pillar of the company's revenue and are not seen as opportunities to achieve spectacular results and be recognized by future partners.

What we do is more than giving good tips and executing best practices for digital products: we delve into the details of each business, looking for solid growth levers, mainly in organic acquisition.

In the analogy of world of lab rats, we are always studying and testing opportunities to increase qualified audience. Our main objective is to guide and disseminate a solid data and acquisition culture, where each area of the company feels connected and knows the triggers to transform simple campaigns into numbers that exceed expectations.

Don't be fooled into thinking that agencies will provide full-time senior experts for your projects. Our main purpose is to provide the right resources according to your speed of transformation, connecting renowned professionals and the right tools.


Why us?

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César Augusto and Marcelino Matos started working together in the mid-2000s, working on several digital projects, including one in the financial market, where they received their nicknames. Together they participated in projects involving large domain migrations, development of e-commerces, marketplaces, news portals, online travel agencies, start-ups, creating applications from scratch and several other activities that involved the condition of digital transformation as a company.

Over the years, they have exchanged experiences with great professionals from different areas of digital marketing, which today are pillars of support for the projects in which they are involved.

First of all, we want to have a long chat to understand more about your company's goals, team size, organizational structure, history of digital actions, and especially to know more about the product and what are its differentiators that delight customers. With this in hand, we will carry out a strategic analysis of the company's organic visibility in the sector, bring relevant insights that will be the focus of action and draw up a basic plan to discuss a possible kick-off with those involved. Our analysis will be differentiated... you can count on it!

We are digital transformers with a huge background in acquisition, mainly organic. We are prepared to select the most relevant professionals and tools for your leverage. Our main objective is to teach paths, define priorities, seek relevant tools to manage and measure digital activities and mainly to help your team to execute all the necessary fronts: Paid Media, organic, CRM, CRO, Social Media, Product Development, UX & UI Design and Technology, avoiding third-party services as much as possible.

Our work methodology is completely asynchronous, and this format has driven great results since the beginning. We mix periodic calls, face-to-face training, strategic meetings and a lot of hands-on work to make the the work more pleasant and move the chess pieces to the same goal.

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